The History of Kee Street United Methodist Church

How Kee Street United Methodist Church became in existence: Years ago there was no church on the East side of Princeton, West Virginia. People from various denominations established a Sunday School to meet their spiritual needs. This Sunday School was established in 1912 and the old school building that was used, still stands on Caperton Avenue. The founders of Kee Street Church marked this gathering in the Caperton School as the beginning of the church by placing the date “1912” on the cornerstone of the church.

In 1913, the Board of Stewards of the First Methodist Church, seeing a need for a church on the east side of town, appointed Rev. George B. Halstead to investigate the situation to determine the feasibility of establishing a new church. In 1915 construction began to erect a new church, which was completed between 1917-1918. The East Princeton Methodist Episcopal Church, South, became Kee Street Church and in 1939 the church became known as Kee Street United Methodist Church.

Kee Street United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2012 by recognizing those former members who were ordained into the ministry, former ministers of the church, and members with the most years of service. A time of sharing of accomplishments and growth throughout the years was shared as well as goals for the future .

Throughout the years, the church has been very active in the community with many projects and ministries and have touched many lives as a result.

Kee Street UMC in 1900’s

This photo of Kee Street UMC was the first building erected to house the church in 1918.

Kee Street UMC as it looks today.

This photo of Kee Street UMC is how the church looks today.